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An herbal cleansing or detoxification program often brings with it a sense of well being that is impossible to obtain in any other way. Read the comments of some who have participated in the Cleansing Program with satisfying results.

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"I have not had to take any medicine for my Diabetes, Arthritis or Hypertension since going on "The Watkins Cleansing Program." I was on 36 units of Insulin when I started. I lost 14 lbs in 14 days and have lost a total of 35 lbs in all since starting on the lifestyle change program. The pains in my back, shoulders and knees that prevented me from walking are all gone and I feel rejuvenated overall."
– YP,
Washington, D.C.
"I stayed on "The Watkins Cleansing Program" for 45 days. Not only did I lose 35 lbs but also, I got off all the medication I had depended upon for years for high blood pressure."
– Rev. DW,
Martinsville, VA
"I lost 85 lbs. in eighty-four days on Dr. Watkins' Program. In addition I was able to get off all my many medicines."
– JF,
"I was suffering from extreme fatigue and exhaustion and I was sure I had contracted some terrible disease. I visited Dr. Watkins and was advised to try this program. I was amazed at the immediate benefits I received. After three days, I had more energy than I could remember. My skin began to radiate a healthy glow, and my body felt as if it was springing into new life. I was elated!"
– PM,
"Dear Dr. Theodore Watkins,

I am very grateful for all that you have done to help me improve my health during the past three months. I am very exhilarated that finally I am using a formula that works for my problem and I am improving steadily. In the summer of 2003, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a condition with debilitating muscle pain and inflammation throughout the body. My doctor told me that there was nothing that could be done but give me pain and anti-inflammatory medication to treat the symptoms. I was told that I would not recover from this and would probably have to be on medication all my life. I knew there had to be something I could do besides take the medication. I began to notice small changes when I began eating natural foods and juicing fresh green vegetables and fruits. The inflammation began to slightly diminish.

In November of 2003, I visited your office for the first time and you immediately placed me on a 3-week cleansing juice plan that included the BioCleanse O and BioCleanse C herbs. During the program I lost 25 pounds and went to the gym on a daily basis and have since then lost another 5 pounds. The inflammation and pain are considerably less and I am not on any medications. I have implemented a nutritional lifestyle change for myself and family and we are reaping the rewards."
– Mr. IC,
Upper Marlboro, MD
"I had hypertension, unstable angina, and chronic sinusitis (which produced severe headaches). I also had allergies and asthma. I was taking heavy medication for these and chronic fatigue. And as you might guess, I was overweight. With all these ailments I was, of course, in a constant state of depression. I had tried nearly every diet program on the market. I even went so far as to have my stomach stapled. Dr. Watkins convinced me that there was hope for me with this program. Since going on the cleansing program I am a new person! I have energy galore. I love to come to work because I wake up refreshed each morning. All the medicine I was taking is now a thing of the past. And wonder of wonders, in just four months I lost 50 pounds!!! I am happy with myself and would recommend this program to anyone."
– AS,
"With Dr. Watkins' guidance I successfully lost 47 pounds in 67 days. I have a tremendous amount of energy, and if I must say so myself, I look great! I now run five miles a day, even during the program. I now feel good about myself!"
– RS,
"I am really amazed that I've been able to do this. I've experienced no discomfort at all, not even the very first day.

My experience has been the following:
1. No appetite
2. No craving, not even when in familiar food spaces
3. I suffered from inordinate mucus such that it would choke me and/or cause me to cough at times and constant post nasal drip; only MucinexDM helped, didn't stop it, just lessen the symptoms... Since the 2nd or 3rd day of the cleanse I've not had any mucus... just one tearing eye and crusty nostrils.
4. The 1st time, but surely more often, the 2nd time I take my pressure it's under 120/60...as low as 111/56... is that significant... the 2nd reading?
5. Yes... I'm going to sleep without alcohol and sleeping more soundly. I think; I'm even able to take a mid-day nap which I couldn't do before without a drink
6. I think I'm calmer, thinking more clearly... or is it my imagination?
7. And, knock on wood, no stomach acid... How can that be?

I'd like to do 30 days, can I?

I haven't noticed any weight loss though I think I'm noticing my clothes fitting a little better but is it possible to do this for 10 days without weight loss?

All in all, I think I'm doing great even though I'm not following the eating schedule explicitly... I may consume more or less; not until around 9AM and surely after 7PM."
– JM
"Just to refresh your memory, my sister Jasmine Styles referred me to you after I had to go to the emergency because I thought I was having a heart attack. It was diagnosed as gastric.

We spoke via shortly after and you recommended the cleansing diet. Below just a heads up. However, I would, as we discussed last night, like to continue at least the weight loss portion of this program and of course anything else you may recommend for my well being.

This email is to inform you that I did receive the products you sent me and to bring you up-to-date of my progress.

I began the program last Monday, May 1st and am very happy to report that things are going great.

- My chest pains are completely gone
- The bloating is gone
- The heartburn that have plagued me for some time is almost gone and my allergy (sneezing attacks, red and scratchy eyes has subsided considerably.

I don't know if my scale is fooling me, but I weighed myself this morning and I am down to 143 lbs. from 160 plus.

Needless to say my energy has increased tremendously and I feel great.

Doctor I would like to continue the weight loss part of the program and any other recommendation you have for me. When is the best time to call you? I would really like to speak with you.

– Verona
"I lost 40 lbs. in 40 days on Dr. Watkins' Program. In addition my blood pressure that had been elevated since my late teens normalized. My church went on the program the last two years, it really works."
– Dr. WR,
Detroit, MI
"I have had several of my patients use Dr. Watkins' program and have found it to be superb."
– SDS, M.D.,
Silver Spring, MD
"First let me say, thank you for the wonderful program you have put together. As I shared with you on the phone, I lost 19 pounds on the cleansing and weight loss program. I have done your cleanse for at least 3 years now but have not had the dramatic results as experienced with the addition of the PounzOff and the ParaCleanse."
– KN,
"I and many of my church members went of Dr. Watkins' Program in 2002. I lost 41lbs in 32 days. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be healthier."
– Elder AB,
Cleveland, OH
"My experience with your Cleansing and Rejuvenation Diet has been a very positive and rewarding one. I appreciate your holistic approach. The program itself not only ridded me of excess pounds, but cleared up my skin, relieved my allergies and gave me more energy. With the success that I have experienced, I feel inspired to continue to make better choices and I am more committed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I would highly recommend this program to all. Thank you."
– Ms. KB,
Burtonsville, MD
"Dr. Watkins:

Thanks so much for sending the herbs. I am sure that many other people will be going on this plan in the near future. I think a lot of them are waiting to see if I start to regain the weight. Little do they know, I am feeling great and no longer crave the foods that were making me unhealthy nor do I have the urge to eat late at night any longer.

On the program I lost 21 pounds. Since then I have lost an additional 15 pounds. I have no pains, no swelling of ankles and hands, no headaches. PMS has ceased, which has made the atmosphere in my home much more pleasant! No more cramps or clotting menses. Cellulite decreased tremendously. As they say, "All is good!"

Please let me know when you will be traveling again. I have very close friends in Atlanta and Florida who would be interested in coming to your seminar. Thanks again for everything."
– BW,
Richmond, VA
"On May 9, 2004, Mother's Day, I began my physical born again experience. Thus far, I must say that I have been richly blessed through The Eden Experience: The Cleansing Program For Weight Loss. Dr. Theodore Watkins, who developed this program and extended an invitation to me to become a participant, is to be acknowledged. His program has initiated and brought about a positive change in my physical and mental being.

During the past 30 plus years I have had an overweight problem. There is no question that during this period, some of my health concerns have been the result and exacerbated by my weight. I have tried several diet plans over the years, but on none have I had real success. Dr. Watkins program has been the comprehensive help that I needed.

In approximately six weeks I lost 45 lbs, bidding farewell to my 300 lb. body. Permit me to share how this weight loss has affected my other illnesses. Diabetes: I was taking the pill and Insulin, I no longer take Insulin, Anemia: I had no energy, always tired. I now have regained my energy, high blood pressure has decreased to an acceptable level. I feel like a new man!

I have not reached my goal yet and there have been times when I have stumbled. But, I am determined and I will press on and not look back. This program does work if you are serious and willing to sacrifice for the sake of improved health.

Thank you Dr. Watkins!"
– C.H. Dizard II,
Windsor Mill, MD
"I came to a meeting about a week ago in Landover and purchased your Weight Loss Cleaning program. I just want to let you know I opted to do the program for only 1 week. It was a huge success. I am slowly coming off of the program this week to transition to fruits and vegetables. At my one week mark which was this past Monday, I had already lost 10 pounds. Your program has truly been a blessing. I was already a vegetarian, however, an overweight one. I am not in a position to take your upcoming class as much as I would like to. I would be interested in receiving some of your recipes and to know your recommendations once ones goals are attained. Please let me know what options are available. Thank you in advance. Have a great day!!"
– Renee Harris